Love is a Battlefield
Wisdom of The Gita
20 Hour Philosophy Immersion

Weekly. Curated. Connective.
Conversations on Living Now

5 Saturday afternoons in October

10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31
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Right now – in the great battle for democracy and the salvation of our country, we hear a loud, strong call to Action, demands for Truth and a determination to care for and Love one another. As we consider our own journey through a pandemic (personally, professionally and collectively) as well as our pivotal place in history, the teachings of this ancient text point us towards the highest wisdom and deepest heart. This course is a path to enter, a way of coming into a new relationship with your life. And if this course “really works, it will turn out that who you are at the end of it won’t be quite the same you as the one who’s reading these words right now.” – Ram Das, Living the Bhagavad Gita


Weekly explorations on the core concepts of the Gita -Action, Knowledge, Love- and the teachers they inspired: Ram Das, Joseph Goldstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, among others.

We’ll discuss ways of finding your dharma, living with purpose, and feeling love even as we the fight the great wars. Battling outside forces beyond our control and innermost conflicts within ourselves, the Gita offers a road map. A North Star to guide our choices on the battlefield between our worst egotistical tendencies and our real interconnected hearts, the Gita shows us a way. It’s a Love Song.


This series is a community gathering and a space to share, listen and learn. If you’d like to join, please know that our ideas, connections and conversations build on each other. Attendance of all 5 meetings and the intention to participate with presence, is kindly requested.


Beyond reading and meetings, this immersion also includes recommended yoga asana practices, meditations and reflections.

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20 Hr Course credits towards 300 Hr Continuing Education Credential through Yoga Alliance


20 hr credit for Continuing Education through Yoga Alliance

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