Heart Wisdom
for Hard Times
20 Hour Philosophy Immersion

Conversations on Living Now

5 Thursdays
(Past Event)

4 – 6pm

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Zoom Meetings
Each week we’ll explore and discuss essential philosophical teachings from Yogic, Hindu and Buddhist texts, including the Yoga Sutra, the Dhamapada, and The Bhagavad Gita. Together we’ll create conversations around the biggest questions: what is freedom, how do we get there and what’s love got to do with it?

This series is a community gathering and a space to share, listen and learn. If you’d like to join, please know that our ideas, connections and conversations build on each other. Attendance of all 5 meetings and the intention to participate with presence, is kindly requested.

Independent Study
Reflection of curated listening (podcasts), watching (videos) and reading assignments will inform our dialogues. The current events of our time: devastation and destruction, the intensity of awakening, and a country in transformation, are fertile soil for this study. Teachings on truth, what liberation from suffering means and how it can be achieved, are not only the subject our inquiry, but also the path to living a life of a spiritual life. A life with joy.


20 hr credit for Continuing Education through Yoga Alliance

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