June 2017

You need a practice. Most of us do, anyway. Because of the speed of the world. And our thoughts. And all the everyday pleasures and pains. It can be overwhelming. You need a practice to quiet the mind, to tend to the heart  and to revitalize the spirit. Even a little bit helps.

The practice also brings us closer to freedom. Thru the turbulent waves of gain and loss, fear and desire — it anchors us deep in the center of what matters most. It gives us a glimpse of the mysterious and amazing: our capacity to love and live and rejoice right in the middle of it all. That love, is a great archer, shooting the arrow of the spirit up towards the sun. The practice can freeing us from whatever grips most tightly and allows the souls to soar. If even for a moment.

For Independence Day, I’m delighted to offer both light and depth with a restorative yoga session, co-lead with Alex Dawson.  Relax Deeply

brings contentment and freedom to the innermost and allows that energy to emanate outwards. The peace created through this practice is both independent from and inter-dependent with the world.