Dear Yoga Family,

Hello and happiness from Big Sur.  I’m writing you this love letter from retreat on the great California Coast.  It is magnificent here – the breathtaking landscape, the wonderful and wise guidance of our teachers.  We are all slowing down to the speed of the majestic mountains and red wood trees. We are paying attention. And lazily, groggily, we are waking up.

The gift of being on retreat, the luxury of retreat, is this singular invitation to disconnect and recharge. The vacation alone is a treat we rarely grant ourselves. Add that delight to the feeling of pressing up against nature – the smell of eucalyptus, the sounds of ocean waves, the infinite beauty of sun and sky and stars.  Delicious meals are lovingly planned, prepared and cleaned by someone else, delivering a spirit of freedom. Daily there is a sense of having more time. Intermingling deep practices of yoga and meditation with spacious rest, massage, walks, reading, laughing….  all feel so good.  It’s what our body, mind and heart deeply yearn for.

My week on retreat planted such sweet seeds in me that will blossom into fruitful offerings all throughout the year. I have received such bountiful healing, helpful, heart happy teachings and I am eager to share them all with you. They have deepened my own joy and enriched my life completely.  There are so many stories I want to tell you. I hope you will join me along the path.
In love and gratitude,