December, 2015
Dear Yoga Family,

The New Year’s dawn is almost here.  As the planet continues to brace itself against ever greater forces, as our people endure endless violence and fear, as our own lives and minds spin wildly – even amidst it all – we are encouraged to look towards the new year and put to rest some of the old suffering.

The practices of yoga and meditation are invitations to be a part of the change. Aligned with body, mind, community and heart wise teachings, we as practitioners become the agents of change.    Through our practice, we steady ourselves and in doing so, become steadier supports for the world around us. How much we pay attention now is of utmost importance. Our presence of mind in the present moment, immediately affects what happens next. On the mat, we place the hand just so; when we speak, we choose our words with precision; when we act, we aim for skill and grace. And our direct experience confirms that these commitments result in greater peace, greater spaciousness, greater capacity for contentment and laughter and love in our own lives.

We as practitioners take the internal and personal vow to pay attention – even to the unpleasant and difficult.  Sensitivity expands. We physically feel ourselves more intimately, our breath on the inside, muscles moving.  Patterns and places where we tighten, tense, resist, over-work, stress become more clear, more known. We begin to see more subtle tendencies of suffering – aggression, impatience, harshness – we bring to the world and ourselves. And to the degree that we learn how to de-escalate our own discontent is the degree we can bring about peace in this world.

I genuinely believe in the liberating and transformative effects of these practices. I hope you can join me for these upcoming offerings (retreat, workshops, teacher training, classes) to taste it for yourself.  The new year calls for change.  Make a declaration, a resolution, take a vow. Reaffirm your commitment to practice and reclaim your destiny and your joy.

Thank you for doing this profound work.  May it benefit and uplift us all.

With gratitude and joy,