May 2015
Dear Yoga Family,

Maybe it is the drought or maybe it’s summer’s early call to the beach or maybe it’s all the talk of being in the flow or the upcoming retreat to Hawaii… I’ve been dreaming of the ocean lately. Spiritual endeavors are invitations to dive into the deep waters, float in the middle of the stream without clinging to the edges, move with grace and strength, be adaptable and buoyant. For the water there is no sense of broken, only whole.

In meditation, when the active mind can submerge beneath the surface waves, sink down to the bottom of bowl of the pelvis, the possibility of accessing life source is awakened.  The Chinese call this vitality Chi, the yogi’s call it prana, Ayurvedics refer to the water and earth elements. The experience is grounding, calming and deeply nourishing. A long drink on a hot day.

I encourage you to mine these rich depths, to drop anchor and allow all the churned up sediment to settle.  Simply by closing the eyes and deepening the breath we can taste a sip of this liquid gold. Sustaining these dives for longer sessions will offer even greater access to these rich reserves.

Loosen the ties that bind.  Come flow and move with me in class, come sit and meditate together or come swim in Maui and discover this hidden treasure for yourself.

With gratitude and joy,