April 2017

My father told me that practicing Yoga and Meditation would not make me happy.  It’s the wisdom gained from the practice that will.

He’s right. We live in an intense and unpredictable world.  These teachings suggest, and my own personal experience confirms, that this practice is a path. The knowledge harvested and the realizations made through our own inquiry, patience and humor absolutely can, and will, lead to more sustainable joy.

It’s easy to forget this and to become distracted.  We think it’s about bending the knee or turning the arm or becoming better in some way. The Buddhists say, it’s the Moon we’re searching to see and experience.  Don’t just watch the finger that’s pointing towards it, they warn, like my father.
We need reminding. And for those who practice, it’s a constant effort to refocus and pay attention to the real jewel we’re seeking: clear awareness. Understanding. We begin to connect the dots – in the world, in our family, in our own mind.  It’s the process of awakening, of connecting the dots leads to contentment; not just bending the knee.

Done properly, Yoga is the science of clarifying confusion, illuminating darkness, bringing consciousness to the unconscious, knowing the unknown. And once we do see – like an Escher drawing suddenly revealed – there is no unseeing it. No way to unknow.  It is from this wisdom, that real peace naturally flows.