Teaching yoga can be a lonely and confusing endeavor. You complete your Teacher Training (or Trainings) and then you’re kicked out of the nest into the wild world of group classes and privates. How do you maintain the love of the practice that got you started on the teaching path in the first place? How do you sharpen your skills? How do you stay invested in the deeper aspects of the practice that so rarely get touched upon in public classes?

Join Clio and Schuyler for an ongoing investigation into what makes for an inspired and inspiring teacher. Twice monthly for 3 months, gather with a group of your peers under the supportive and challenging mentorship of these two senior teachers to keep the fire under your practice burning bright.

Each mentor meeting will be comprised of three hour long sections in which participating teachers will be able to network and practice teach on each other, receive teaching feedback and hands-on adjustments guidance from Schuyler or Clio, and then take a deeper dive into alignment, philosophy and the tricky business of yoga. We will round out the group experience with assisting 3 public classes and one 20 minute private mentor session with either Clio or Schuyler. This is sure to be a love fest. (Open to teachers at every level of experience, who are inspired to grow and willing to play.)

Cost: $350