September, 2016

Dear Yoga Tribe,

We’re often guided in meditation or yoga to create a firm back and an open, soft front. These are also good words for living.  Move into this “new year” with a relaxed determination and a renewed commitment to connect with the heart. Begin to wonder about what the heart truly desires – love, ease, joy (these are just mine, yours might be different) – and start to take actions towards those yearnings. Will being right satisfy the urge to feel love? Will it encourage or discourage ease? Bring or bury joy?

Know that the mind will always be restless, often dissatisfied looking elsewhere for contentment and approval.  “It will be better when,” “Everything would be great if,” can grow wild weeds in your happiness garden. Make choices taking this mental habit into consideration. Acknowledge the grumbling (sometimes it has important messages to head), remember there’s a pattern and then make a fresh choice.

Create fulfillment. Create real sustainable fulfillment. You are the one single person who can guarantee your own peace of mind. It’s an inside job. Notice getting to yoga class more than what poses were “achieved.”  Marvel at the simple pleasure of being with family and friends and allow a softening of judgements.  Ease up on expectations (they’re distractions) and discover a greater capacity to allow – a generous spirit of letting it be whatever is.
Your heart will thank you.

in love and joy,

August, 2015

Dear Yoga Family,

Lately I have been finding such ease and simple pleasure in meditating and reading poetry.  Then I found this gem:

In the World

in the strange early morning half light we sit

in the cloudiness of our questioning we sit
in our madness and our clarity we sit
in the midst of too much to do we sit
in the warm arms of our shared sorrow we sit
in community and in loneliness we sit
in sweet exhaustion we sit
in the blazing energy of being alive we sit

here with the singing crickets
here with each electric birdsong
here with the rippling of breezes and the dry grasses
here with the cobwebs and the clouds
and the dusty road upon us

us in the sound and the sound in us

us in the world and the world in us

–Brigid Lowry

Dear Yoga Family,

IMG_7333Float one hand up for these last waves of summer and open the other hand to welcome in the New You. This “New You” is being created right now. It’s crafted from every move you’re making, the work you’re doing, the way you’re living.  It’s an evolution that begins in the mind/heart and is actualized in the body.

As yogis we are keenly interested in the NOW.  Now is the seed for the next.  Our constant creation, breath by breath, cell by cell is a reminder that nothing is ever fixed or permanent; always in flux. This is why we train in connecting to breath.  Through breath we experience the only constant: our own, innermost pulsating current in the ever flowing river of life.Let your actions reveal the choices you are making. Let your life be the story of your own writing – The Great Book of Creation – that you’re drafting in this very moment.  It’s always the actions we take that determines who we are. Half of manifesting is dreaming, the other half is doing.  Stand up, take the step.

Come back to your mat, to your cushion and touch your heart. I hope you’ll join me along the journey.

With gratitude and joy,


Dear Yoga Family,

It seems we are programed, simply by the nature of birth, to find a way out. Much more mysterious and much less obvious is finding a way in. How do we become  intimate with and less separate from this moment, this person before us? How do we connect with and become conscious of our deepest selves?
Our ancestors tell us that even a little bit of this practice has the potency to shift our awareness and transform experience. In the yoga tradition we call this internalization, this realization an awakening.  The awakening is to that essential alliance deep within: love. By moving inward we become a part of, at one with, joined in the most meaningful way.
Continue to come back to your mat, to your seat, to your heart. And thank you for practicing. Any practice of the heart is a boon for us all.
I hope to share in it with you at one of the many happy heart offerings this summer.

With gratitude and joy,


Lately I have been practicing listening.  I listen to the sounds of my city, the traffic, the birds. I listen to the sounds in my house – tv, kitchen, laundry, radio.  I have been listening to my family. And listening to my own heartbeat. Just this little shift has created such space, it has chaperoned me home again and again. The delightful news is that when we begin to work with any heart-based practice – mindfulness, compassion, kindness, acceptance, patience – we see that it is intimately connected to all the others.  By practicing non-judgement we become more accepting. By practicing forgiveness we come to know gratitude. Through practicing commitment, we support our experience of contentment.  All heart practices ultimately bring us closer joy and encourage our capacity to experience great love.  Through this work we make our lives more beautiful on the inside. Start small. Dare to be simple. Watch what happens next.