January, 2016

Dear Yoga Family,

Here we are again. Starting over. Beginning anew.

The practices of yoga and meditation are all training grounds to bring us back to Beginner’s Mind. Every moment is a fresh start. We’re always beginning. Moment to moment a sparkling invitation to creation.

What a gift to have this time of year – a built in reminder to recommit to our values and dreams.  An annual encouragement to see this day as new, to choose now what happens next. We craft our own road maps towards the treasures of greater ease and richer happiness, precisely by journeying on path that is unknown, brand new.   Yogis heighten and maintain this awareness with regular daily practices. We want to see it all as if for the first time. As we begin to see more clearly and honestly, we realize things aren’t always the way we think they are.  Slowly we let go of old opinions. We sensitize the mind to learning, curiosity, wonder, even bafflement.  We train in expanding the knowing mind so wide it also includes the vast mysteries of life.   Beginner’s Mind.

In this open, engaged way we nurture our spirit with real direct experiences of all possibilities. We reveal the most vital life force within us; the awareness that we can be at peace with all the flavors out there.

May you discover immense freedom and life-enhancing love in this new year.  May your contentment overflow and ripple out to everyone you touch.  And in this way, may this practice uplift us all.

It is pure delight to share the path with such sincere students, doing the real work, and each of us learning from each other along the way.  Thank you all.

With gratitude and joy,