September 2016

Each moment of our life is brand new. Every breath, like a snowflake, different from any other. We live in an ever flowing river of change; a constant evolution. The Wisdom Teachings from yoga and meditation remind us to wake up and notice what is happening right now. It’s often easier to close our eyes, tune out the sound, hold our breath and wait for it to be over. A hungry ghost always yearning for the next moment and rarely satisfied in this one. In the gradual process of becoming more present minded, we slowly become aware of who we are and how we are living. The unconscious is seen and what has been concealed begins to become revealed. The illumination of clear seeing (prajna) is available to all of us at any time. We access it simply by paying attention. How am I feeling right now? Where is it in the body? What is happening in the mind? Waking up more and more allows us greater choice. To remain as we are or to shift in some way. This is how we can grow through all the churning and changing tides. And so begins the magnificent evolution of enlightenment; the premiere spiritual practice.