December, 2015

Dear Yoga Sanga,

Next week is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the first real day of winter.  It is a time to gather with heart tribes and celebrate.  It is also a time of to turn inwards towards the warm, deep fires of spirit.  The darkness of the season calls for introspection, integration, rest, more yin than yang. Honoring the earth’s turn away from the sun, from the light, allow darkness to envelope us like the seed in the life-giving womb, the hibernating bear in the cave, the pearl buried deep in the oyster at the bottom of the ocean floor.   In this darkness we grow and transform like the butterfly forms in its cocoon. As an initiation to this inward journey, this time of real transformation, invite yourself to a meal.  Create a date with yourself.  This ritual will pair your intention with action, giving it potency. Spend the meal with yourself – free of conversation, technology, reading, music or any other distraction. Enjoy your food. Enjoy a mindful meal in your own magnificent company. You might begin with a blessing and end with gratitude or maybe just toast to a happy solstice. Then wrap yourself in the season’s velvet blanket and settle in for winter’s sweet shifts to take root.

In love,